Peterseim GmbH & Co. KG

a special material for applications associated with drinking water

CUPHIN® is produced with future legal requirements in mind as well as fulfilling requirements concerned with reliability, hygiene, healthiness and well-being.

It excels by virtue of its extraordinary technical properties which are greatly superior to those of conventional materials.
Rm tensile strength (700 MPa), Rp 0.2% proof stress, A5 elongation at failure, HB hardness (180 Brinell) are, up to now, only achieved with some grades of steel.

Furthermore, CUPHIN® is resistant to stress corrosion cracking (SCCR) and dezincification (DZR).

Due to its high copper content of 76% CUPHIN® effectively prevents the multiplication of bacteria and other microorganisms – an important contribution to the hygiene of drinking water installations.

CUPHIN® is free of lead and other questionable elements and is therefore ideally suited to drinking water applications. These properties give the consumer a comfortable and safe feeling whilst preparing food.

CUPHIN® - the material for the future.

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